Fullness is like the trusted belayer of the rock climbing team. We carefully support you, the climber, every step of the way until your goal is reached.


Fullness Corporation’s (Fullness) main focus is on OA furniture. In recent years, we have expanded our product lines to include medical welfare related products as well as gaming entertainment chairs. We source quality products primarily from Taiwan for our clients.

For 50 years, Fullness has established numerous long-term relationships with reputable Taiwanese suppliers and overseas clients. We will continue our endavor to provide excellent products and services to meet the needs of our customers.

Management Philosophy

Build trusting relationships

Maintain highest integrity

Provide quality service and products

Timely delivery


  • 1971  Mr. Tommy Yang established Fullness Corporation in Taipei and began a bicycle business
  • 1992  Launched office furniture business
  • 2004  Moved its office to Nei-Hu High Tech Park in Taipei
  • 2013  Launched medical welfare related equipment business such as wheelchairs, walkers etc
  • 2015  Patrick Yang M.D. joined the management team
  • 2016  Established relationship with Fullness Nippon in Japan to better serve its Japanese clienteles
  • 2017  Launched entertainment game chair and accessories business


Source products and services

Provide solutions for clients

Assist in product development

Provide after sales service


Fullness looks forward to being your trusted partner. We will support you all the way to your success.

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